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Greyhound drop Melbourne-Toowoomba, Perth-Broome services

Greyhound Australia today announced it will be ceasing its Toowoomba-Melbourne express services.   

General Manager Sales Kevin Lyons said overall Greyhound was performing very well but the Toowoomba to Melbourne inland route was continuing to struggle and would cease on 8 March 2013.

“For the past decade, Greyhound has tried to make this route commercially viable including reducing frequency from seven, then four and currently operating three days per week, as well as offering numerous discounted fares,” Mr Lyons said.

“Greyhound has worked hard to improve this route’s efficiency and profitability but a combination of targeted marketing, aggressive pricing strategies and direct mail programs to local communities have had limited success.”

Mr Lyons said forward bookings on the route were very low.

“Only 16 people have reserved seats for the remainder of the year and, of course, Greyhound will provide full refunds to those booked to travel after 8 March,” he said.

“We empathise with passengers and businesses affected by this decision but we simply cannot continue to absorb losses on routes with very few passengers.

“As part of the review process, we may in fact be increasing capacity on some other express routes due to their popularity; for example Toowoomba to Brisbane services will have increased frequency.”

It was also announced today that the underperforming Perth to Broome route would cease on 8 March 2013.

“Western Australia is a very important market for Greyhound and we continue to see rapid growth in a number of areas. Unfortunately, the Perth to Broome passenger service is not one of them,” Mr Lyons said.

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  1. Toni
    16 Feb 13
    11:09 am
  2. “simply cannot continue to absorb losses on routes with very few passengers”

    Look out Oz Experience.

  3. Craig Richards
    28 Feb 13
    8:10 pm
  4. People still sit on a bus for that long?

  5. Paul
    1 Mar 13
    11:10 am
  6. Some do Craig, but it is not so much about the through journey but the connection to/from all the hidden treasures in the remote rural and outback regions in between!

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